shibes as a service

In this day and age, everyone and their dog has an API. So why not have an API for dogs? is that API.

To get some dogs, just make a GET request to the following URL:[1-100]&urls=[true/false]&httpsUrls=[true/false]

And you'll get back a JSON response of random images of shibes that looks something like this:

	"image url 1",
	"image url 2",

And if those options in the URL aren't self-explanatory enough, here's a simple guide:

Name Possible Values Description
count integers 1-100 The number of images to be returned. Default is 1.
urls true/false Should the API return URLs or filenames without extensions? URLs are the default.
httpsUrls true/false Should the URLs be HTTPS or HTTP? They're HTTPS by default now.

You can also get pictures of cats at /api/cats or birds at /api/birds. Same parameters apply.

That's it! Have a nice day. Here's a shibe:

A shibe.

Service by @covoxkid. Source code available here.

Special thanks to Jammy for the shibes, CalTech for the birds, and Microsoft Research Asia et al for the cats!