shibes as a service

In this day and age, everyone and their dog has an API. So why not have an API for dogs? is that API.

To get some dogs, just make a GET request to the following URL:[1-100]&urls=[true/false]&httpsUrls=[true/false]

And you'll get back a JSON response of random images of shibes that's something like this:

    "image url 1",
    "image url 2",

And if those options in the URL aren't self-explanatory enough, here's a simple guide:

Name Possible Values Description
count integers 1-100 The number of images to be returned.
urls true/false The API returns URLs by default. By setting this option, it will return the name of the images without the extension.
httpsUrls true/false Azure doesn't allow you to add certs for custom CDN domains, so all requests to have to be HTTP only. Set this to true, and the URLs will be for, which has HTTPS.

You can also get cats! Just use the endpoint /api/cats instead of /api/shibes. It works the same way. Also, /api/birds.

That's it! Have a nice day. Here's a shibe:

A shibe.

Service by Andrew Rogers / Anime Night.

Special thanks to Jammy for the shibes, CalTech for the birds, and Microsoft Research Asia et al for the cats!!!!

Here's the open-source source-code: GitHub.